Gangsterism in Durban? 

Is Gangsterism Starting up again in our Colour Communities in Durban? Teen killed in Sydenham shooting
Aug 02, 2019
A teenager has been gunned down in Durban's Sydenham area. Police say local officers were called out to Barns Road yesterday, where they found the body of the 19-year-old... read more
Gangs in Durban2015-03-02 14:59 ‘On the first day of Christmas, SAPS said to me, that four drive-by shootings, three gangsters killed, two innocent victims and a community in terror, are just Christmas festivities.’ read more

Sydenham gang turf war ragesNEWS / 7 OCTOBER 2018, 3:00PM
Caught in the middle were powerless residents and a police force that was ill-equipped to handle the issue. Over the past week, videos have emerged revealing shoot-outs in the hub of Sydenham Heights, at the intersection between Rippon and Clare Roads... read more
How do we stop this from spreading?
What are your views on why this is happening again? 

School Sex Education CurriculumCSE in South African Schools – Sexuality Education, or Sex Education?
As a Parent, I was quite shocked to Dr Rude speak about what is going to happen, what will be taught and what she and the Education Department believe is Right to do.
It's one thing talking to kids about Drugs, Smoking & Road Safety, these can be control and even sorted out before when it becomes a problem, but open the door to SEX to kids under 18 and like you hear in Vidoe as young as 6yrs will destroy whatever Innocent our Child Have and that of Family life.
What are your views? Would you allow your child to learn this in school?
Have they taking it too far...  Under the Children Act, if you as Parent allow your child under 18 to Watch Porn is Illegal and seen as Sex Abuse...
Where these Elections Free and Fair? A lot of Political Parties are saying that is had been by far the worst run election by the IEC. So many serious things that have gone wrong. From deceased people on the roll to ink that comes off, flawed counting, not enough ballots, IEC officials who were not properly trained, people being turned away from stations, and much more.
What do you thinking? What should we do now? Do we Allowing a Corrupt Government to continue to Rule our Country?